Facelift surgery helps erase facial wrinkles due to time and environmental factors inside, outside impact on the skin and make skin aging. Previously only the elders perform this surgery, but now so many young people also need to specify facelifts less dependent on age.

Photos surgical facelift:

For women, the face of facial aging is "any individual story." When the higher age, more and more skin wrinkles. No need to wait until you reach the U50 level, only at the age of 30, also began missing skin slime and there are slightly wrinkled.

At age 40, the amount of collagen in the skin start making facial decline bend and can not dilate as before. Skin resilience also reduced though you can use a variety of skin care products. Along with the effects of the sun, smog, stress ... that face women increasingly aging drastically.

Endoscopic techniques in facelifts are aesthetic physicians worldwide option and get the trust of millions of customers because of the advantages it brings, such as high precision, less invasive injured body parts, sealed sterile surgical area and especially very small incisions to reach the highest aesthetic, patients recover quickly.

Endoscopic facelift technique is necessary in cases of partial facelift as: raising eyebrows, nasolabial grooves delete, erase crow's feet at the corners of her eyes ... As for the case of large-scale facelift such as the forehead, temples, face and neck, the doctor will combine colonoscopy and classic facelift to achieve maximum efficiency.

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